Monday, February 1, 2010

07 - Our "Bendahari" Has Played Her Role! Yeayy!

Salam to all members and bloggers,

"..Cik Ain, aku nak mintak duit Rm100 bole? Nak bagi kat azza.."
-Mala a.k.a The Treasurer-

Well, as being agreed by those who are participate in our Trip To Redang Island, the deposit has been safely paid. Alhamdulillah.. Those members who agreed and going to make this for real had passed the fee to Cik Azza aproximately RM100 cik azza cakap bayar separuh dulu,nanti dah sampai sane bayar abis!heheeh.. and i bet she already bank-in the money to her lovely friend's who gave us this promotional package.

We'll looking foward for the trip this coming March. Can't wait for that,i tell you that!

Have a nice day and chill...!

note: Agenda and tentative are still under progress.

kakuna a.k.a ain

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

06 - New Agenda Finally Revealed V1

Salam to all members and bloggers,

I've been working on an agenda and tentative sent by Cik Azza yesterday to publish in this blog. It may take a lil' time, perhaps. Fuhh,it was damn long..! Hehehe..But i'll try my best to put it A.S.A.P.

By the way, there's a lil probs occured regarding our holiday to go to Redang Island. Even the date and time was finally fixed and set, but maybe some members could'nt make it over other event, class and assingment curcumstances. Hurmm..

I understand their probs and matters,and hopefully they can solve it slow and steady. No worries. Well,maybe they can keep up!

And not to forgot, you guys may read, post an entry or any other things that will make OUR BLOG nice and cool as i've already give the id and password via email past few days!

Hope to hear from you guys soon and Chill...!

kakuna a.k.a ain

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

05 - T-Shirt Design For The Team's!

Salam to all members and bloggers,

As being agreed by all members, we officially looked foward for a tshirt. Well, me myself has been given the task to be a so-called-designer-tak-bertauliah by En. Fakhrul, our biro glemer tersebut..Hahaha...Nahh...!

So,here's the design. Created and design by En. Nizam a.k.a one of designer at my deparment. [Gunakan kemudahan yang ada..Mueheheeh...]. But,he did it for a Double Prosperity Burger, i tell you that..!

So,before posting the agenda and tentative scheduled by Cik Azza kite-yang-sangat-sibuk-ditingkat-13-beliau, jom kite tengok design tshirt dulu. Those who dont have the email sent before, i hope you guys can keep up...Chill..!

note : Do leave your coments, ideas, thought regarding this design. We do needs penambahbaikan as it will make it nice and cool...Hehehe....

Have a nice day and chill...!

kakuna a.k.a ain

04 - Redang... we coming...!!!

agenda dah siap !!!!!

nnti cik kakuna tolong update kan ok.....

azza a.k.a cik301

03 - Mission Detected

Salam to all team members and bloggers,

ok setakat ni yg confirm adalah :
27 - 29 Mac 2010
(Sabtu - Isnin)

1. Jumaat malam kita bertolak dr KL @ shah alam, so means kita akn sampai kuala terengganu subuh.. rehat2 @ minum pagi a.k.a Bfast...

2. Transport terpulang.. ikut majoriti.. naik kete @ bus... Kalau bus aku servey harga.. RM40.50 dr shah alam ke Kuala Terengganu.... klu malam tiket pukul 10.30 malam.

3. Pukul 8 @ 9 pagi kita akan naik feri dari Jeti Kuala Terengganu ke Pulau Redang a.k.a WISANA Resort.

p/s : nnti aku watkan tentatif agenda la.

**note : pasted from fowarded email by Azza

kakuna a.k.a ain

02 - New Target Spotted ~ Its Nature Called

Salam to all members and bloggers,

For the past few days,everybody was chit chatting about new target to deal with. Its nature called anyway guys.

Azza has requesting an oppinions from all members to go to Redang Island, as Mr. Fakhrul FB's status was a way to go. But,Redang Island attract much more than it should be,for me expecially.

It was an awesome promotional package given by Azza. I mean, who would make such a cheap prizes where a-3days-2nite stay will make you going crazy of grabbing this opportunity! I knew Azza been there a while ago, for couple of times. Mizi as well.

But how about others..??

I think we should grab this and make it real guys..!! Hell yeah..!

" Have a nice day and Chill "

kakuna a.k.a ain

Monday, January 25, 2010

01 - 2010 - Welcoming The Suprise!

Salam to all bloggers and 'our' team,precisely..

First and foremost, this blog has been created for all of our team members... Yippii...!!! [A big claps to all..!]

Always keep in touch and never look behind.

Cheer up and chill to all team members and bereu for the support and commitment in our team. It was Awesome to have you guys in this team..hell yeah..!!

Throw your ideas, oppinions, your thought and minds and we're going to make it for real..!

Last but not least, rilex, chill and live your life to the fullest....!

Have a nice day!

kakuna a.k.a ain